Increased Crime…the Flip Side of Increased Tourism in Jeju ( TEL:82-2-398-3679)
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Jeju-do is a familiar tourist destination not only to Koreans but also to Chinese these days.

As the number of Chinese people staying in Jeju-do increases, the number of crimes committed by Chinese people is also increasing.

Baek Na-ri has more.


Jeju-do has become a popular destination for Chinese tourists.

The annual number of foreign tourists has reached three million, with Chinese accounting for more than 80%.

However, the side effects of the rapid surge in Chinese visitors also exist.

The number of crimes committed by Chinese people is on the rise.

Recently, a Chinese man in his thirties murdered a Chinese woman in her twenties, stole her money, and discarded the body. Violent crimes like this are not uncommon.

Last year in Jeju, 260 Chinese nationals were punished for committing crimes such as murder, robbery, rape, theft, and physical violence.

Just a decade ago in 2006, the number was 23, but it increased consistently and was more than ten times that number last year.

This is because more Chinese people have started to take advantage of the fact that they do not need a visa to enter Jeju. However, instead of tourism, they enter for other purposes such as working.

Last year, the number of illegal immigrants in Jeju-do was 4,300.

Five years ago, the number was at about 280. It surpassed 1,000 in 2014 and increased rapidly to more than 4,000 last year.

International broker organizations who arrange illegal employment are also on the rise.

The no-visa entry policy, instituted to attract more tourists, is being misused.

More are calling for plans to address the crimes committed by Chinese in Jeju-do, a representative tourist destination of Korea.

Baek Na-ri reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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